Sharp Thinking

Some sharp ideas to make your life easier at work and play. Whether you need to cut, measure, chisel or sharpen something, click the links below to view the videos. I you can't find what you need, please tell us and we will see what we can dig up for you.  Better still, let us in on any of your own building tips or secrets so we can pass them on.

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Getting the most from your SILKY carpentry saws How to make the perfect brunoise (finely diced vegetables) for salsas and garnish.
How to cross cut, notch and finish using your carpentry saw How the Santoku (Japanese general purpose kitchen knife) makes peeling pumpkins a  breeze.
How to make the perfect mitre corner.    
What is the difference? Silky carpentry saw vs traditional saw
Why use the BMI laser level?                                                     Why use two cherries chisels?
Using a spirit level How to cut notches and bevel edges in wood and gib board
Using your angle square Cutting notches for hinges and brackets
Why use the BMI pocket tape?  




Using a sharpening stone  Sick of needing an extra hand when installing stuff?   Check out the Winbag - an essential tool when installing doors and windows and much more.
 Lifting heavy boards with the Gorilla Grip is childs play