Adjustable Spade Bit 22 - 76mm diameter (Kanzawa)

Brand: Kanzawa (Japan)

The adjustable spade bit from Kanzawa is designed to drill holes between 22-76 mm Diameter in softwood, Plywood, Plaster Board, etc.

  • $56.00


Adjustable Spade Bit to drill holes between 22-76 mm Diameter in Softwood, Plywood, Plaster Board, etc

Max drilling depth 130mm

Tool wrench included

Loosen blade screw and adjust blade size and fix the screw with wrench

Accepts 10mm Drill chucks


To be used with a Power Drill or a Drill Press.


*Replacement parts available



  • Please follow the chart printed below or in the back of the blister to adjust the rpm considering the hole diameter. 
  • Please be aware these speeds are a suggestion from the manufacturer only.
  • Keep always your hands away from the spinning cutter and always wear eye protection.
  • Keep always the tool straight and never at an angle.
  • Do not set the blade outside the gradation indicated on the blade
  • Drill Clockwise direction only. Do not use counter-clockwise direction


 Hole Diameter(mm) using big blade ⌀22 ⌀40
rpm 400-500 220-280
Hole Diameter(mm) using small blade ⌀40 ⌀76
rpm 220-280 120-150

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