Lifting & clamping

Improve your productivity significantly with these lifting, levelling, holding and carrying tools.

Much cheaper than a visit to the chiropractor, the Gorilla Grippers and LegUps will help you lift and carrying heavy and cumbersome sheets of ply and gib board without giving you back problems.  Made in the USA these lifting devices and clamps enhance your productivity and will certainly make Health & Safety Regulatory Authorities impressed with your work saftey record.

Like the Gorilla Gripper, once you've got a WINBAG in your tool bag you'll wonder what you did without it. Allows you to level doors, windows and other heavy objects during installation and packs away to nothing.  Along with the Kanzawa corner clamp you have all the tools you need to render that extra pair of hands useless.

Lifting and carrying with the Gorilla Gripper.                    Introducing the Winbag