About Us

PiranhaTools select the best hand tools direct from manufacturers around the globe and courier them straight to you from our NZ warehouse. That means you get the best, and fast, with local customer support.

No middle man, no copies...and no physical stores.......which means you also get the highest quality and trusted tools for sensible prices.

We recognize retail is changing. Consumers have massive product choices in a global market place......and sometimes......... all that choice is overwhelming.  It is hard to work out the good stuff from the, not so good stuff. 

So - we've done the hard work, researched, tested and sifted through the rubbish to pick the proven performers, and because we have sourced them directly from the manufacturers, we can guarantee authenticity and offer NZ warranties on all our tools. 

Between us our team has years of experience in import and distribution, horticulture, gardening, building, art & crafts and DIYing. And when we don't have first hand experience, we ask. We seek your feedback and the opinions of those we consider "in the know".

We hope you think of our online store like a kid does a lolly shop. Indulge yourself and explore .............. and keep in touch to join our search for the best.


 “The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”


Piranha Tools is a trading name of the e-commerce business owned and operated by Brightwater Trading Company Limited. 

So what’s with the name?

It's all in the bite.

Known for their sharp teeth and powerful bite, piranha's (or piraña) have outsized jaw muscles allowing them to exert a bite force equivalent to 30 times its bodyweight. Relative to their size, piranhas outperform even prehistoric monsters like Tyrannosaurus rex and the whale-chomping megalodon, a massive shark that preceded the great white. Read more


 All our tools punch well above their weight. 

Try us. Take a bite.