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BMI (Germany) 


BMI specialise in quality measuring tools. Tapes, rules, levels, set squares, wheels, protractors and lasers.

Two Cherries "Kirschen"(Germany)

Two Cherries carving tools

"Manufacturing for over 155 years, the quality and form are decisive factors for exceptional function. Especially in the world of abundance and mass production, we reserve consciously the craftsmanship, the perfection of the product and the particular design."

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Kanzawa (Japan) 

Kanzawa japanese tools

Over the past 113 years, and four generations,  Kanzawa continues to create professional tools that satisfy craftsmen around the world. Started in Miki, well known as the oldest town of blacksmiths in Japan, by the founder Kanzawa Daikichi.
 Our Kanzawa range includes: Circle cutters, expansive bits, universal bits, punches, saws, scrapers & angle drivers

Silky (Japan)

Silky woodworking saws

Manufactured by UM:KOGYO INC. (Silky Japan), has specialised in the manufacturing of saws since 1919.  Our range of carpenty and woodworking saws are used extensively in Japan and are world renown.

Lowe (Germany)

Lowe hand cutters

We offer the industrial product range with applications in a significant number of trade and indsutry sectors. Hand cutters for metals, rubber, plastics and wood are used in the manufacture and installation of a huge range of products from aluminium doors and windows, picture frames and packaging to irrigation and plumbing pipes.

Shapton (Japan)

The premium range of glass-ceramic sharpening stones from the Japanese company Shapton.  

RZ Industries (USA)

The RZ Mask was invented in 2009 by Steve Torbenson of Burnsville, Minnesota, USA. It was originally developed to provide a comfortable, filtered solution to prevent the inhalation of dust for Torbenson and his four sons while riding dirt bikes and ATVs. Following its release to the industry in 2010, the RZ Mask exploded with popularity amongst riders all over the world. Torbenson then set out to develop a mask to help conceal scent within the hunting world and the mask range now also extends to outdoor sports (skiing, snow boarding, mountain biking and 4x4) and pollution filtration (light construction, agriculture, dust & allergy protection).

FAMAG (Germany)


This family owned business has been manufacturing in Germany for over 150 years with it's production facility is situated in the centre of the county of Berg. This area is also known as the cradle of the German tool industry because tools have been traditionally manufactured here for many centuries. Today FAMAG has the most modern CNC machines and the latest robotic technology in use. Highly qualified professionals apply themselves to the setting up and operating of machinery and pursuing quality assurance on a daily basis.

Defi (France)

French Manufacturer of CHALK LINETRACING POWDER and HAND TOOLS, for more than 30 years.

Tracing tools specialist with a complete range for DIY, professionals and specialists.

Dogyu (Japan)

Dogyu tools

DOGYU PRODUCTS are all MADE IN JAPAN and are of extremely high quality. Most of their tools are manufactured in their own factory maximising quality control.  Currently over 3,000 different products meet the needs of existing customers and Dogyu continue to work with customers to develop new and improved  products.

Gorilla Gripper (USA)

Gorilla Gripper


Gorilla Gripper (also producing the LegUp) are a company based in California. 

The theory and reality are that Gorilla Grippers and LegUps are less expensive than a single visit to a chiropractor and infinitely less expensive than a lifetime of back problems that can certainly result from improperly bending, lifting and carrying heavy, cumbersome sheet-goods the 'old-fashioned' way!  Users typically love these products!

Gyokucho (Japan)

Gyokucho Razorsaws are precision ground to a tolerance of 1/100mm.
The teeth are differentially hardened, one at a time, using a very refined version of impulse hardening. Each blade is scanned and checked by image comparison software to ensure exceptional standards of quality control.

Shinwa (Japan)

Established in 2006, Shinwa Measuring Tools Corp manufactures measuring tools for the construction industry and discerning carpenters.

Shinto (Japan)

Shinto manufacture one of the worlds best rasps, consistently rated one of the best by woodworking bloggers around the globe, and the best selling rasp in Japan itself. 

Philip Marcou Toolworks (New Zealand)




Philip’s hand planes, furniture and the new range of upcoming hand tools are incredible in the attention to detail and artistry he puts into them. I admire the entrepreneurial spirit that Philip has building his own tools for the enjoyment of the craft. 



At Pica we develop our products to be helpful tools for daily professional use.  This requires highest quality in construction, material selection and workmanship. Our pencils are made to be like your favorite tool: durable, economic and with a product design you find real pleasure in every single day.