A few words from our customers...

"I don't like the name, but I like everything else about this saw! It really does work extremely well. Cheap saws are just frustrating. Buy a Silky, they are worth the money."

Clarrie Hall, BOP


"I visited your warehouse and as soon as I arrived I could tell you guys only deal in quality tools. And any bloke loves a warehouse full of tools! Me and my bro brought a saw each. There were no concerns in the buying process and the service was very good. You guys also answered all our questions and provided great advice. I was a member of the west coast alpine club and we would help keep tracks open. I also worked for the department of conservation and we used silky saws in the bush and loved them! I still take my Silky into the bush whenever I go, and I'm now a river guide on the Clarence and a part-time builder, and I love your stuff. My only disappointment is I didn't get to see all the tools you stock, but I will be back! Nice warehouse and it's awesome to see quality still exists. Keep up the great work."

Brian, Nelson (March 2015)


"After purchasing the Silky Woodboy saw I have been using it for finishing work, mainly in relation to cutting the hidden mitre on skirting boards. Traditionally this has been done using a coping saw. There was an adjustment period with the pull-action of the cutting stroke, however, I have found that the finish is superior to using the traditional tools I had been using previously. I have also found it useful in trimming timber scribers that are fitted down the sides of windows over weatherboards. The saw allows you to take a very fine cut off to get a superior fit compared with a standard wood saw. I am now thinking of purchasing a larger fold-away Woodboy for use when framing out roof framing, i.e. purlins as, unlike a normal handsaw, you can carry it on your person."  

Trevor Salter, Salter Builders Limited, Nelson.(Nov 2011)



"I have used Shapton Stones now for 11 years, after previously using regular Japanese waterstones ('King' brand') for about 15 years before that.

I bought initially a 2000 and 5000 grit, but more recently added a 220 and a 500 grit, as I wanted to avoid using any  circular grindstone on my Japanese chisels, and needed a coarser grit to take out small edge-nicks and generally speed up the sharpening process.

The 2000 grit remains my favourite stone however. It cuts about as fast as my old 1000 grit but leaves a much better surface, leading to very little work being needed on the 5000 grit. Probably the 500 grit would have been coarse enough, the 220 is really a bit too coarse and leaves scratches which take a while to polish out.

I very much like the Shapton combination of speed of cutting with hardness of surface, as it means my stones do not go out of 'flat' nearly as quickly, and you can't sharpen wide plane-irons succesfully on 'dished' stones. The issue of flattening these stones though remains a problem, as the cast-iron lapping plate I bought (a Shapton product, now discontinued I believe) itself needed regular flattening, which I now do on a diamond plate, which cuts through cast iron very nicely."

David Haig, March 2015, Furniture Maker http://www.davidhaig.co.nz/

Note: David you might be unaware that we do stock the Shapton diamond lapping plates


"I was googling two cherries chisels and one of your trademe listings came up. I then googled piranha tools to see if you had a web site, and found the store. The service and purchasing was really good and I had a few queries about the product, and they were promptly answered. I will be looking to purchase through piranha in the future."

Alexander Cholewa, Wellington

 "I was searching for japanese saws and found you. I am really impressed with your interesting range, friendly prompt service and nice web design. I showed my new hibiki (saw) to my builder and he wants one. A very impressive tool."

Paul de Jager, Golden Bay


"Got in contact via a trademe bid. Now that I know about your website and where you are it is better. Incidentally the BMI Automagic laser level is awesome. Use it all the time now. The contact and service was good. Will buy off you guys again sometime when required."

Roger Clifton, Nelson


"The Angle Finder arrived today, and he is very happy with it, thanks! ......... Don't know how to make it easier - same day delivery, lol, he's been hanging out all weekend for it to arrive - obviously not possible with the distance between us. It was a pretty easy deal, I ordered it, you sent through payment details, I paid and you sent - pretty perfect really. The e-mail confirmation and updates were great though, I knew someone was actually on the ball - thanks for that. Very happy customers up here in little old Morrinsville."

Sandra Nicholson, Morrinsville


"After a work mate told me about your products I quickly had a look and you had exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price. The communication during the ordering process was great and the info passed on was clearly by someone who has used the products. I purchased a Shapton Stone Holder and 6000 grit Wetstone. The holder works really well, is easy to set up, looks awesome and there is no movement. The stone works really well also, is easy to use and cleans up nicely. It put a mirror polish on the knives I tested it with, and even with the lack of skill I have was highlighted, the knives were still hair cutting sharp, which was my goal! I'm very happy with both purchases and will be back for more."

Stephen Marshall, Nelson 

"I found ordering from your team very easy and can't think of anything else that could have made it easier. It was great service"

Scott Bennett, Wanganui.