The Coracle Boat

Nov 03 2017 0 Comments

Posted on November 3rd, 2017 by Gaston Monge-Grassi
While searching more about green woodworking, I found a very interesting kind of vessel called "Coracle", consisting of a basketframe, a seat and a waterproof cover. I also found "The Coracle Society" with loads of information if you wish to build one.
The coracle - also known as the currach, bull boat, quffa or parasil - is a small, keel-less boat. Their main uses has always been as a means for fishing or transportation. Today, certainly within Europe, their main use tends to be recreational, although in Wales a number of licences exist to permit use as a fishing vessel. In other parts of the world, particularly the Middle and Far East, they are still used for their original purpose - as a workboat for fishing or transportation. The coracle has a long history spanning thousands of years, evidenced in cave paintings of their use from the early Bronze Age and perhaps as far back as the Ice Age. The coracle is likely to be the first form of water transportation.
There is also a book you can purchase from Sean's Hellman website in UK for NZ$17 including shipping. "How to build a Coracle". (No, I don't get any commission for this)
This is a very good opportunity to build this with your kids or by yourself and a very good excuse to use handtools!!
Have a great weekend.

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