Japanese Kanna setup and tuning

This section is intended to help end users to understand how to setup and tune their new Japanese kanna (handplane). We opted to put video links instead of writing a very long boring step by step guide with just pictures. 

*Please remember all Japanese handplanes arrive in New Zealand with a small amount of tuning yet to be done. This allows end users to setup their handplane for use in the conditions it will be continually used in, eliminating the problem of wood movement between climates. This will require some knowledge and tuning to use them to their full performance. we are sure you will enjoy using Japanese handplanes as much as we do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

The first link below is a short video from Adrian Preda, covering most of the aspects of setting up your kanna in 8mins.

Setting up your kanna. A. Preda

The following video links from Sumokun are intended for those willing to get into more detail of the setup process including how to prepare the blade.

Kana setup Part 1

Kana setup Part 2

Kana setup Part 3

Kanna blade setup