Behold! The Samurai Workbench...

Apr 06 2016 0 Comments

I find some wooden workbenches quite fascinating, and I still haven’t quite decided which design I will pick myself, but I am getting closer. For those of you who know Chris Schwartz, you will understand what I am talking about. For those who don't know Chris (from Lost Art Press), he's an advocate about Workbench design and he wrote two books about this subject.

But today I found what looks like “The Workbench of Workbenches”... or at least one of them, built by Jesse de Geest. And he's finally shown the video of him building his epic workbench, and it's every bit as awesome as it was hyped to be.

For those of you who haven't been following this guy, de Geest was determined to build his workbench like a fine piece of furniture, an heirloom that would be passed down to subsequent generations of his family.

Jesse is showing the world that there are still passionate craftsmen around who love what they do and find joy in enriching peoples lives with relationship and art.

For him, this was a once in a lifetime woodworking project. It was one of the best, most rewarding experiences of his life. There is nothing he can’t build now.

Cheers Gaston.

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