Please don’t loose your fingers!!

Apr 07 2015 0 Comments Tags: Saw tables

Hi everyone, during my latest trip to Auckland I met with one of my customers, Jim McGrath, and we talked about tools for a little bit... like 2 hours or maybe more!!

One of the topics we discussed was portable saw tables with safety blade devices (in order to keep your fingers attached to your hand). The only one I knew of was the well known Sawstop Saw Table, but Jim told me that Bosch released a new model with a different safety system that keeps your fingers attached and also saves the blade too!!!. This portable Saw Table is called “The REAXX”

Just click on the picture of the saw table to see a video that shows in detail how the safety system works. Thanks Jim for the tool gossip!!

And here's a comparison between The Reaxx and the Sawstop table saws if you wish to read more about them...

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