Hand Stitched Rasps for Wood

Sep 23 2015 3 Comments

Many people don't realise just how easy and how much fun working with rasps can be. Ask anyone who has had a go at making a saw handle, which part they enjoyed the most and nine out of ten will reply 'rasping the blank handle to shape'.

A few years ago I had the luxury to hold and use one of the most beautiful rasps I have ever seen made by AURIOU (pronounced OR RE YOU) from France. Since 2008, Michel Auriou has been making a wide range of rasps and rifflers for wood and stone, with an 8 strong team of skilled blacksmiths and rasp stitchers.

These are all produced in house at Forge de Saint Juery, home of Auriou Toolworks, near Albi in south west France.

Auriou's craftsmen hand forge and hammer rasp blanks to create lasting perfection. The teeth in the rasps are "hand stitched", one at a time, with a particular sized punch which produces carefully sized, triangular pointed teeth in an irregular pattern that prevents furrowing, providing a superior finish.

Each rasp is a hand made beauty. Enjoy The Making of Auriou Rasps

Cheers — Gaston Monge-Grassi

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  • Are these rasps available in the up?
    If not, can I buy direct from you?

    Robin pickard on
  • Hi Malcolm, Good to hear from you. We would love to offer these rasps in New Zealand. This brand is in our wishlist of tools we intend to bring into the country. We will keep you posted with any updates. Also, I might see you in Alex next month. Cheers Gaston

    Gaston Monge Grassi on
  • … so are you going to stock any?

    Malcolm on

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