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Sep 15 2016 0 Comments

This week is about Dovetails. As you might know, there is a LOT of reading available about this particular jointing technique. So much that your head may explode...

So we are delighted to offer you these two video episodes that are worth watching, the hand tools you might need to have a go at dovetailing yourself (that are available through our website), and as a bonus free of charge, our constant passion about hand tools.

And since I am a big fan of Paul Sellers, I found one of his latest Masterclasses quite useful and easy to follow. Paul shows a pattern he has developed for making accurate, repeatable dovetails on a project that is so consistent that they are interchangeable. It provides a way of getting evenly sized and spaced dovetails. He then cuts his dovetails using the backer piece and uses a cutting gauge and chisel to mark and remove the pin recesses.

These two episodes have no shortcuts, so you can watch the whole technique from start to finish.

Episode One:

Episode Two:

My favorite quote from Paul is in the second episode minute 14:12.

Cheers, Gaston


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