Sashimono: The Genius of Japanese Carpentry

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This week I would like to bring up one of the most fascinating woodworking techniques of all times. Sashimono woodwork is gaining more and more followers all around the world, and I am definitely one of them.

Below is a brief compilation of six videos and a documentary about this technique. There is plenty of info over the net if you wish to explore further.

But first, what is Sashimono?

Sashimono was named after putting two wooden pieces together without using nails. It seems delicate, but is achieved using special techniques called “HOZO” which is using the hidden notch and groove to lock the two wooden pieces.

Sashimono is classified into two ways, “KYO-SASHIMONO” and “EDO-SASHIMONO”

KYO-SASHIMONO developed with Imperial court culture and Tea Ceremony, it is elegant and gorgeous. In contrast, EDO-SASHIMONO is simple and stylish in nature. It was used regularly by Samurai and Tradesmen… Sashimono has a special feature, which is using as few metal parts as possible and a special technique called “Hukiurushi-shiage” which is coating and wiping with Japanese lacquer more than 10 times. Another point of Edo-Sashimono is one product is totally made by one craftsman only.

Click on the pictures to watch each video.

Part 1                              Part 2                              Part 3

 Part 4                             Part 5                              Part 6

Click on the picture to watch the Documentary about Sashimono.


Cheers, Gaston

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