The Ox – The portrait of a Master Woodworker

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A few weeks ago I found a fascinating story from a craftsman who can turn 1,200 cornerblocks by hand, teaches kids who have been thrown out of multiple reform schools how to make something, uses 1948 shop tools, and explains why he continues to do what he’s done for so long. It's a great read so I hope you enjoy it... and please don’t forget to watch the video - I'm sure it will give something to think about.

Birth Of An Ox

A long long time ago (roughly 1973), a Eureka native named Eric Hollenbeck set out to found a salvage logging company with 3 partners and a $300 bank loan. With those $300 they purchased a used chainsaw, a set of chokers, half a tank of gas, and a little blue truck that they dubbed Ophelia Bumps. Eric (a forest veteran from the age of 15) had an immense amount of respect for the natural habitat, and this fledgling logging company soon got a reputation for having one of the cleanest environmental records in Northern California. It was so clean in fact that they soon got the contract to do salvage logging for the state park service around Humboldt.

To find out more about Eric and his incredible story, please Read more….

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Eric Hollenbeck, along with his family and staff, run Blue Ox Millworks, where the craftsmanship tools and techniques of the last century are utilized to produce authentic custom millwork for private homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States. Their customers are hundreds of homeowners, as well as governors' mansions, national parks, historic cathedrals, and even the President of the United States. They consider themselves "Victorian Millwork Specialists", but they also specialize in meeting the millwork demands of new and original architectural designs.

"We are what we do."

Cheers, Gaston

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