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My favorite workbench is the one designed by André Roubo as a stationary workbench. But if I am looking for a portable solid bench, the Moravian Workbench would definitely be my first choice.

Will Myers has done an amazing job researching about this particular bench. He also made an entire video in conjunction with the team of Wood and Shop on how to build it from start to the very end.

He found some pictures of several of the workbenches in Old Salem, NC. Old Salem is a historic Moravian village founded in northwest North Carolina in 1766.

This little bench was made to be portable for the craftsman to take to the jobsite they were working at. The bench will disassemble to the point you could put it in a small closet. The original is in storage and not on display at this time. There is a copy of the original at the Single Brothers house in Old Salem that the joiners built in the 1990’s for use in their woodworking shop. It is on display for public viewing. 

I purchased the video and it is awesome, but you have to buy it if you want to watch it. Below is a little preview about the bench and also Will is showing how fast he can assemble the bench!! In less than one minute!!!

Click on the picture to watch the video

If you are wondering which tools you need for building a bench like this, watch the video below.

And here is the link to download the plans, the cutting list and some other resources to go ahead with this project.

Prost, Gaston

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