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Posted by Gaston Monge-Grassi 17th of February 2018

Timothy Wilmots was born in Belgium on the family farm and he had no particular knowledge or interest in woodworking until the age of 24 when he started woodworking as a hobby in a small corner of a former cow stable on the farm.

In 2011 he turned his woodworking hobby into a full time job after earning a woodworking degree through evening school. He started sharing simple workshop projects and other inventions on various woodworking forums, but always limited to a few pictures with basic explanations. Encouraged by others he discovered that he could spend more time and effort into bigger more complex projects, and make complete plans for others. Selling these plans for small sums on his website eventually compensates for the time spent on them. In his website you will find lots of plans you can purchase and they are quite inexpensive. 


One of his last creations is the transforming workshop cart. There are a series of videos showing how to make this from scratch. Part of the fun of watching it is drooling over his high-end stationary tools and also hand tools. Not all of us have access to a Felder table saw with a slider, but everything he shows you could also be done with a plain-Jane table saw or circular saw, a router, a jigsaw and some patience. 

The Multifunction toolbox is a homemade wooden toolbox that locks on top of classic and T-loc systainers.

The Multifunction Tool Cart below is basically a portable workshop, a folding worktable on wheels that contains the basic tools.

There are also some other plans you can download for free like a band saw stand, a clamp rack, a floor sweep system and much more. Even a shop sign that works as an insect hotel!!

Timothy also specializes in making top notch goldsmith workbenches like this.


Happy building. 



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