The Naked Woodworker

Oct 06 2017 0 Comments

Posted on October 6th, 2017 by Gaston Monge-Grassi
Many of you might think the blog title sounds a bit dodgy, but trust me it is not. A few years ago I purchased a DVD produced by Mike Siemsen called "The Naked Woodworker". The reason behind that idea was to help other people wanting to start on woodworking. The video seeks to answer the simple question: How do you get started in woodworking when you have nothing? 
The idea is the beginning woodworker enters this craft naked: no tools; no workbench. 
Mike Siemsen helps you take your first steps into the craft without spending a lot of money or spending years setting up a shop.

In the DVD Mike builds a sawbench and a fully functional workbench using home-center materials. Both the sawbench and workbench are amazingly clever. You don’t need a single machine or power tool to make them. And they work incredibly well.

The bench is based on Peter Nicholson’s early 19th-century design (not my favourite bench) but very easy to build and very practical. It is remarkably solid and is perfect for a life of woodworking with hand or power tools.


Have a nice weekend and get busy!!!





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