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Posted by Gaston Monge-Grassi 24th of November 2018

So far, we have put blogs about green woodwork, Kolrosing, Trug making and will be many more to come. Considering we are having a big chance of bringing hook, straight and push knives for working on greenwood very soon, I believe this is a good opportunity to put up the series of videos produced by Mora knives in Sweden with their ambassador Jögge Sundqvist or surolle as he’s known, showing the different knife grips and techniques necessary for safe carving and wood working.   

Jögge Sundqvist is a craftsman through and through. As a wood worker and woodcarving artist he has become famous for his impressive ornaments and beautiful carved objects. He chisels out stools, chairs, knives, cupboards, spoons and trays, tablets, sculptures and word boards. He is a fourth generation craftsman and was brought up as part of the Swedish handicraft movement. Jögge is the author of the book we recommended few months ago “Slöjd in Wood”

There are 13 short videos in total, so you don't have to watch all of them at once like I did with pleasure. I recommend to watch and practise one grip at the time until you get familiar with them.

The Swedish Knife grip sessions - Introduction.

 Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Elbow & Skew Grip Ep2

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Power & Knee Grip Ep3

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Scissors Grip Ep4

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Thumb Push Grip Ep5

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Pull Grip Ep6

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Thumb Skew Grip Ep7

 Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: The Can Opener Grip Ep8

 Swedish knife Grip Sessions: The Cross Thumb Grip Ep9

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: A Silent Session Ep10

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: Hook knives Ep11

  Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: Honing and Stropping Ep12

Swedish Knife Grip Sessions: Honing and Stropping a Hook Knife Ep13

So that's all for now. I am sure there is plenty of information here to learn from. This will keep you busy for a while.

Please don't cut yourself, have fun and learn some new skills!!!



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