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With all the blogs we've done so far about cool tools and exciting technology, I just wanted to remind you in this week’s blog that we have some great gear at Piranha Tools as well – and it’s really good stuff!

We select the best hand tools direct from manufacturers around the globe, and make them available to you at great prices. Here’s a short list of my favourite tools in our range, so if you’re ever in the market just give me a call on 021 285 5920 or email gaston@piranhatools.co.nz.

Lowe 3104 Mitre Cutter – I personally think everyone should have a pair of these in their toolbox! It’s such a versatile cutter that you can use for so many applications, and it's really strong.

Kanzawa Drill Guide with Variable Angle – This is a great tool. It's designed for power drills and it will ensure your angled holes are always accurate!

Silky Hibiki Saw – I love this carpentry saw because it's double edged so you can rip cut and cross cut, do flush cuts, oh and I love it because it’s a Silky!

Lyra Carpenters Pencil – These pencils are professional quality, have a high break resistant lead, and really easy to sharpen. We've been told by builders all over the country already that these are the best carpenters pencils they've ever used.

BMI Viso Tape Measure – This great little 3m pocket tape measure is awesome and gives you longitudinal and internal measuring, as well as the ability to draw a circle. And because it's made by BMI from Germany, it's great quality and very accurate.

Two Cherries 2-Cut Multi Tool – This is freaking awesome! It has two cutting edges and it's not just a chisel - you can also cut, slit, carve, mortise, notch and scribe, and it comes with it's own pouch. It's another must for every tool box!

Gyocucho Japanese Razor Saw – This is one of our newer products and I just can't believe how popular it's become already. But it's probably because this incredible little retractable blade pull saw is razor sharp and is great for use on wood, pvc, plywood or bamboo! And the blades are replaceable just like a Stanley Knife...

Kanzawa LPRO 75S Angle Driver – This is the world’s first right angle 90 degree angle driver that lets you into tight little corners and is just so easy to use.

BMI Nautilus Laser Level – I love this laser level simply because it is water proof and shock proof, which are not usual benefits available in the NZ market currently. It's not cheap - but if you want a great quality high accuracy laser that will last indoors and outdoors - this is the one you should be looking at.

Lyra Construction Marker Pen – Lyra have many marking pens in their range (we have a lot) but this little beauty is specifically designed for marking on wood, metal, plastic, glass, pottery, etc, and is great for so many things.





Shapton Water Stones – What can I say about these. Want sharp tools. Choose Shapton. I love them!

To find out more about my list of favourites, or about all of our tools, please visit www.piranhatools.co.nz or give me a call to have a chat.

Cheers, Gaston


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