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Feb 25 2015 0 Comments

Hi guys, lately I've been thinking a lot about blogs and what sort of stuff I want to read about. I haven't really found that much I like locally here in NZ, so being in the tool industry I've decided to start my own one. My name is Gaston Monge-Grassi, and I work for an importing company called Piranha Tools. We're based in Nelson, in the middle of the country (a beautiful part of the planet) and from our little corner of the world, we get great products straight from manufacturers around the world, and courier them direct to our customers.

I came to NZ from Argentina 13 years ago and I love being in this industry. I love tools, I love using them, and I love reading about them and whatever is new. The guys at work often call me a 'tool', but that goes over my head. I'm lucky to work in a place like this that has heaps of tools, and I get to work with them every day! It's a great job.

What I want to do in this blog is share my thoughts with you about our industry, and possibly even teach you some skills about using certain tools that might tie in with your own business. I'll put stuff in this blog that not only interests me, but heaps about woodworking and tools and other cool stuff like tips, tricks, new products and anything else I think you'll like reading about. I really want feedback so please don't be afraid to offer any of your own thoughts, ideas or suggestions - even if you don't always agree with me. I'm encouraging feedback, so do it, and together hopefully we can all get something out of this. You can of course also get in touch with me off the blog if you want and can either email me at gaston@piranhatools.co.nz or call/text me on 0272855920. I hope you enjoy this blog, and if you do, tell your friends and get them reading it as well. And if you want to have a look at the tools I'm involved with just check out our website at Piranha Tools on www.toolswithbite.co.nz

My favorite quote: "Man is a tool using Animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all"

Cheers, Gaston

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