SawStop vs Bosch Reaxx

Oct 06 2016 1 Comment

This week is about your fingers.

In the last few years SawStop released a table saw with an ingenious safety mechanism that detects flesh and stops the blade from spinning within milliseconds without hurting the end user. Bosch also then came out with the new Reaxx table saw with the same feature, but using a different mechanism, which was featured in my Blog posted in April 2015.

At the moment SawStop is battling in a patent-infringement lawsuit with rival power-tool maker Bosch, so it will be interesting to see who wins. In the meantime though, they're both good enough to write about so here's two videos showing how the safety system works - even comparing using your own finger instead of just a sausage. But please don’t try this at home without the correct tools...


Bosch Reaxx:

I emailed Bosch yesterday asking when this model will be available in New Zealand, and their answer was “we don’t know”. SawStop stationary saw tables are offered in New Zealand, but I wonder when the portable model will be available here? With all the new health and safety laws in NZ, this table saw will be perfect for every job site and home.

Here is also a video from Protool review showing the differences...

Remember - safety first...!!

Cheers, Gaston



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  • This is an older post, but still relevant as no one is carrying the Reaxx and the contractor Sawstop still isn’t carried by anyone in NZ. A while back, I got a quote from an Australian supplier to get the contractor sawstop sent to my door in NZ and it was about NZD $4400 all up. This was with the mobile base (~$300) and the 36 inch fence (~$500). Prices may have changed as this was in 2017.

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