PiranhaTools supports Habitat for Humanity build project in Samoa.

Dec 02 2015 0 Comments

When Cyclone Evan struck Samoa in December 2012, the south coast of Upolu was battered. Fales were whipped away by the winds, crops were uprooted, and property was destroyed. Water and power supplies were knocked out and flash flooding caused injuries and death.

With cyclone season fast approaching again, Habitat for Humanity are getting started on a three year project where over a hundred families will be provided with comprehensive Financial Literacy training and cyclone strapping, and some 250 families with Housing interventions which will include repairs, house additions, and new housing. 

The first stage is being undertaken now (November and December 2015) with 50 volunteers currently working on up to 40 houses. PiranhaTools has provided the build teams with a large number of folding hand saws, measuring tapes and builders pencils to help get them started. 

We will post more photos as we receive them, but in the mean time click here to learn more about this project or more about Habitat for Humanity.

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