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A while ago Gaston posted a blog all about a product called RZ Masks. We then got pounded by enquiries from readers asking if we actually carried this stuff ourselves, which we didn't. However... we quickly researched, and decided they were a fantastic addition to our range, so they are now in stock right here in NZ ready for distribution to whoever wants one!

And to give everyone another reminder of just how good these things are, and perhaps if you're reading this blog for the first time, tell you a bit about the product, as Gaston is away from the office this week I thought I'd just grab some information from the RZ Mask website and share it with you.

If you’re considering RZ Mask as an option for respiratory protection there are a few things you should know. While we offer many different colors and designs; there are only two types of masks, M1 Neoprene and M2 Mesh. Both masks are capable of housing each of our four available filters. There is a combination of mask and filter that are ideal for, but not limited to, specific environments and activities. In this post, we will identify differences and similarities in masks and filters and discuss their distinct advantages as well as scenarios where they would be most useful.

M1 vs M2 Masks

The M1 is our original mask. Introduced in 2010 and built out of 4 way stretch neoprene. The M1 keeps skin at an ideal inner temperature and performs exceptionally well in cold weather. The ability to block wind and keep skin warm is the M1’s distinct advantage over the M2. The M1 also has the most options for colors and designs. This mask can be hand washed and air dried after removal of valves and filter.

The M2 is our newest mask. Introduced in 2015 and constructed out of moisture wicking mesh material. The mesh material allows for increased airflow, keeping skin cool and making the M2 ideal in warm weather. The ability to allow the skin to breathe and stay cool is the M2’s distinct advantage over the M1. This mask can be hand washed and air dried after removal of valves and filter.

Other than the distinct weather related differences of the M1 and M2, they have many similarities. Both are very durable and lightweight. They can even be folded to fit into a jacket or pant pocket. Both have a low profile design and maintain a full range of motion. The masks will fit comfortably under full-face helmets. Both masks form a tight seal for maximum filtration. Both masks have exhalation valves and adjustable nose pieces to prevent condensation build up and fogging of glasses or goggles. Finally, both masks are designed for maximum comfort using premium materials.

F1 vs F2 vs F3 Filters

The F1 Active Carbon Filter is our original filter and will remove 99.9% of particulates down to 0.1 microns. This filter offers protection against a wide array of respiratory hazards including dust, odors, allergens, bacteria, smog, smoke, organic chemicals, pet dander, tobacco smoke and more. The breathability of this filter is slightly restrictive compared to the F2 and F3 and is ideal for lower intensity activities and normal breathing rates.

The recently introduced F2 HEPA Filter will remove 97% of particulates down to 0.1 microns. One important feature of the F2 is that it does not have Active Carbon making this filter effective against dust and particulates exclusively. Another important feature of the F2 Filter is that it has 40% better breathability compared to the F1. The ability to breathe effortlessly through the F2 makes this filter exceptional during higher intensity activities and increased breathing rates.

The F3 HEPA with Active Carbon Filter is our premium filter and rated at 97% down to 0.1 microns. This filter offers the best of both worlds and combines F1 protection from a wide array of particulates with the breathability that the F2 offers. This filter is also excellent for higher intensity activities and increased breathing rates.

Mossy Oak Hunting Mask

Lastly, the Mossy Oak Hunting Masks come stocked with two F1 Scentless Filters and one normal F1 Filter. The Scentless Filter is specifically designed to absorb the odors of your exhaled breath increasing scent concealment while hunting. The Mossy Oak Mask also offers increased camouflage and cold weather protection. The Mossy Oak Mask can house any of our four filters. The Scentless Filter can fit into both the M1 and M2 masks.

Closing Remarks

It is important to use the right tool for the job. By knowing the attributes and strengths of each of our masks and filters, you can be prepared for the conditions you’ll be facing while using your RZ Mask.

Hope that helps - we believe these masks will be suitable for so many organisations and environments, and are really excited about sending them all over the country.

If you want a bit more information please visit our website at Or alternatively go straight to the RZ Mask page


Cheers, Stu


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