First was CNC Shaper Origin and now is Goliath

Oct 20 2017 1 Comment

Posted on October 21st, 2017 by Gaston Monge-Grassi
The Smaller, Smarter CNC Robot
Last year I posted a blog about the Shaper Origin and now an Italian startup called Springa has invented a CNC mill that does away with 90% of the mass and materials of a conventional gantry-style machine. Check out the Goliath, now live on Kickstarter:

This thing is like the Shaper Origin, except you don't even need to hold it.

 The Goliath has already hit its funding target, with $754,080 in pledges on a $90,000 goal at press time. The $1,490 Early Bird Specials are all gone, and it appears there are only 23 units left, period, selling for $1,750. It's expected to retail for $2,890 and should roll out in September of next year.

Freaking awesome piece of engineering. 

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  • I’m trying to purchase a Goliath CNC machine.
    Are they for sale.

    Brent Granger on

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