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Posted by Gaston Monge-Grassi 2nd of March 2018
Last week while I was visiting New Plymouth I met a great woodworker and customer Don T. After talking about tools for more than two hours and listening to the cyclone Gita approaching Taranaki, he showed me a system I haven't see before and absolutely worth having in your workshop.
We are talking about the Parf Guide System. 

The UJK Technology Parf Guide System (PGS) is a versatile piece of kit which allows you to create a custom benchtop or portable cutting board in less than 30 minutes whenever the need arises.

Based on the ancient mathematical Pythagoras' theorem, the PSG guarantees perfect 45° and 90° cuts, producing spot-on results every time. When used with an accurate pattern of 20mm holes, a set of UJK Technology Parf Super Dogs, a guide rail and a track saw, the task is both quick and easy. Ideal for onsite work, the PGS is an invaluable tool for both professionals and hobbyists.

Designed by Peter Parfitt, the UJK Technology Parf Guide System is a joint development with Axminster Tools & Machinery. Manufacturing of the system takes place entirely in Axminster, Devon under the UJK Technology brand name. This system is also available now from Lee Valley Tools. 

If you get this system make sure you also get from Veritas a pair of 10mm bench dogs.

Here are two videos with some updates of this system:


If you ever wanted to build an MFT bench similar to the one made by Festool for a fraction of the price, this is your chance. I am definitely putting this in my wishlist

Have an awesome weekend.





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