Everyone needs a Saw Horse...

Mar 02 2015 1 Comment Tags: How to make a saw horse

At our work, particularly when we're on the road, the best way to show how good our saws cut, is by taking our Sawhorse with us. That way people can cut stuff more easily and get a true impression of the tools benefits. We have a Black and Decker Workmate, and it's fantastic, but it's not always necessary for people to have an expensive Sawhorse at all. Lots of people try to 're-invent the wheel', but there is an exemption this time, and I found this site last week that I wanted to share with you, for a very versatile, easy and cheap to make Sawhorse. 

An unnamed high school woodshop teacher in New Mexico, who calls himself the "Woodshop Dude," calls his Sawhorse design the Shopdog. His design criteria was 'easy and cheap to make, flexible in what it can hold, whether materials, clamps or tools, easy and quick to set up, and has to be able to fold flat to stow on the wall of his shop'. Check it out in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkqhJh2wSgM

If you want anymore information check out their website at http://www.woodshopdude.com/It's so cool, I'm even making 2 for myself!

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