Scrapers, Burnishers and Japanese Chisel Hoops...

Jun 09 2016 0 Comments

By now, quite a lot of our customers own a significant amount of the Japanese Chisels and German Card Scrapers we offer through our online website, and for a while I've had the necessity to explain how to use a burnisher (in some countries called ticketer) to make the hook on card scrapers and also how to set the hoop of a new Japanese regular chisel.

There is a LOT of reading regarding cabinet scrapers, card scrapers and burnishers, and I found Paul Sellers Blog as a very good reference for many different woodworking topics.

Burnishers are available from our site in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer three styles, round for curved scrapers, oval for curved and straight scrapers, and triangle for straight edge scrapers (as per Two Cherries recommendations). If you use primarily straight edge scrapers, we recommend the triangle style burnisher because apparently they are much more precise. To watch the video click on the image below... Sharpening113.mp4?dl=0

And there is a good article from Paul S. about Debunking Myths and Mysteries on Cabinet Scrapers here worth reading if you have the time.

Also regarding Japanese regular chisels, here is a video from David Barron showing us how to set hoops. David is a furniture maker and has a lot of experience in dovetailing and many other woodworking techniques. It is worth checking his site too. To watch the video click on the image below...

And yes the best thing about this blog... is that we have these products in stock, right now!

Cheers, Gaston

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