Best Tool Belt Ever...!

Jun 01 2016 1 Comment

I have been keeping this under my “belt” for a long time, but it is time for me to share it with you all now. I always dreamed that the perfect tool belt will have a nearly perfect fit, good pocket distribution, and will last for many years. And I've found it...

Occidental Leather has been producing the BEST possible Tool Belts and Tool Bags in the world since 1980 in Sonoma County, California. Their range is quite big and also they offer belts for lefties. They also are available with sheepskin on the inner side of the belt!!

And you can also customize your tool belt to suit your needs. Have a look at this video about Occidental;

Occidental Leather uses only the best, extra-thick, water repellent leathers available. All the materials used to manufacture their tool belts and tool bags are made in the US. And they also offer a range of Belt free systems that are getting quite popular these days.

Their range of accessories also includes the strong suspension systems that are comfortable, distribute weight evenly, and look after your back.

They sell only thru quality hardware retailers, and they don’t sell thru the Big Box stores!! I quite like that!!

There is plenty of info in their website and I am sure you will put one of these belts in your wish list for Xmas. And if you haven't had enough yet, check out the rest of the range at;

Happy reading and watching...

Cheers, Gaston

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  • They are awesome belts. I have one with the harness and they take the load off your hips.
    For the tradie who doesn’t want to be up and down a ladder, these belts have more pockets than most tradesmen have tools.

    Q on

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