Fasten Your Seat Belts!!

Sep 23 2015 0 Comments

Innovation, simplicity and technology never stop evolving! I suggested getting a second mortgage in my blog about tools from “Bridge City Tools”, but I now suggest you need to get a third mortgage and treat yourself with one of these soon after you watch this video and visit this great website.

Take Note! Personal flying transportation is coming. The Icon A5, a folding-wing personal aircraft designed in collaboration between multiple bodies including IDEO and Art Center College of Design, started as just a bunch of renderings and grainy images (that I assumed were Photo-shopped). But that was over five years ago, and have a look at what Icon Aircraft has to offer now!

It doesn't have to land on water by the way; terra firma will also do. But perhaps what's most notable here is the business approach the company is taking, and how the UI design is a key part of that approach. Rather than going after wealthy folks who have already invested in pilot's licenses and already own Cessna’s, Icon's mission is "to democratize aviation the same way that great brands like Apple, BMW, Ducati, or Oakley democratize their products: by fusing outstanding engineering with world-class consumer product design." 

And yes, they are for sale... but only if you are prepared to wait until 2019!

Well, we can only dream — Gaston Monge-Grassi

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