A Shop Tour, Workbench Overview and Artis-anal Toilet Paper

Nov 15 2016 0 Comments

For quite a long time during my road trips around the country, I've been asked how should I setup my workshop? How much money do I need to have my own workshop? What are the basic tools you need? What sort of workbench would you build? And the list goes on and on...

So to keep things simple, I would like to share a website and a couple of videos that will open your mind and give you an idea of what you need to have your own woodworking cave without getting a second mortgage.

The site is Renaissance Woodworker and is run by Shannon Rogers. Shannon started back in 2008 as an attempt to chronicle the goings on in his wood shop. It started as a blog, he added an audio podcast, then changed to video, and now it's a way of life for him.

The first video shows Shannon giving you a tour around his shop and the second video is about his workbench. This site is packed with techniques, projects, articles and also an online hand tool school.

Shop tour

Workbench Overview

And to finish this week’s blog, something on the lighter side to help make you remember your bathroom experience with a video about some amazing new handcrafted toilet paper. Inspired by the makers of yesterday and today.


Cheers, Gaston


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