Big Brother of the Year...!

Mar 14 2017 0 Comments

How do you say thanks to your brother if he spends 2,700 hours to built the library of your dreams and use over 10,000 pieces of walnut?

Jim Cardon runs a woodworking business in Denver, and his brother Doug wanted a new library added to his home in Arizona.

The bookshelves can hold 2,500 books and the inspiration came from woodworking magazines, photographs, art, and movies like “The illusionist”.

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The Cherry on top I believe is the cabinet with the desk below. This was the last cabinet he built for this project with significant detail. The desk slides in and out completely.

But that's not all. Meet the man behind this story in the video below. I am sure he will inspire more than one of us.

Click in the picture to watch the video

Jim definitely deserves a DB!! Or two.

Cheers, Gaston

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