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Back in March 2016 I posted a Blog entitled “Back to Basics” with an awesome video showing what you can achieve with basic handtools and some building skills. One of the men in the video is Jacob, the founder of Latvia-based John Neeman Tools. Originally a small company of craftsmen and friends who produce hand-forged hand tools and knives, with multiple skillsets.

From January 2017, John Neeman Tools becomes a Guild of Northern Master Craftsmen – “NORTHMEN”. Uniting one of the best northern European bladesmiths, carpenters, woodworkers, toolmakers, wood carvers, bowyers, leather workers, watchmakers and silversmiths.

Click on the pictures to watch the videos;

The Northmen say this, "Towering factories and belching chimneys are not our game. All of our tools are made in our small traditional workshops, using equally traditional methods and techniques. Our focus is on uniqueness and quality, not quantity. We want to help people to remember how to use their hands, to relate their own human energy to their tools – to achieve the true joy of creating something from humble beginnings, as we did."

The following videos are a compilation of some of the tools they make using traditional methods and also how they use them. And as I've already said, no more words are needed - let the videos say the rest…

The Birth Of A Weapon. English longbow making:

The Birth Of A Tool. Axe Making:

The Birth Of A Tool. Chisel Making:

The Birth Of A Tool. Damascus steel knife making:

Making firewood. The old way:

Leather craft. Making a leather belt:







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  • Just watch the video building a dug out canoe, all I can say is amazing.

    Frank Cost on

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