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May 04 2016 2 Comments

I always thought everything was done in terms of designing a better and more comfortable breathing protection mask, but I was wrong! Sick of using my 3M mask for long periods of time, I had the desire to search for something different, safer, lighter, more comfortable, washable and why not, more fashionable!!

So after a little while I found the website RZ Industries. The company owner and inventor Steve Torbenson created and developed the RZ Mask. This mask is sleek enough to fit under a helmet, comfortable enough to be worn all day, effective enough to filter 99.9% of particulates, and durable enough to be used day in and day out.

And what's more, they come in different colors, have replaceable filters (including the now popular HEPA filters), and have one-way heat exhalation valves.

Their website has a lot of information about this product, and it will keep you busy for quite some time.

So by combining comfort and durability with an effective long lasting replaceable filter, the RZ Mask became the ideal particulate solution in over 50 different industries. Have a look at some of their product videos:

I haven’t tried this mask yet, but I am ordering mine to put it to the test. And if you're also interested, here is a 13 minute video of what we don’t know about smoke and particles in the air:

Oh... and p.s. - don’t forget to check out the Quickloader from the same company. They are freaking awesome!!

Cheers, Gaston

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  • Did you try the mask. will you stock these?

    Gareth on
  • Hi Gaston, have you been able to try this mask yet? If so will you be posting your thoughts?
    Cheers Andy

    Andy Lewis on

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