Engrave your own Sushi

Nov 05 2015 0 Comments

As we all know, there is a whole revolution at the moment in terms of 3D printers, laser cutters, and so on. For home users, some of them are quite hard or complicated to operate, but the people from Glowforge are revolutionizing the market and making life easier with a product that is very user friendly.


This laser cutter/printer integrates smartphone cameras linked to software, and the printer for example enables you to draw directly on your piece of work and have the laser trace cut it. (After you remove your hands of course).

You can engrave or cut wood, acrylic, cardboard, rubber, cork, leather, paper, fabrics, food and more. As an example, you can cut plywood up to 6mm thick.

Check out the video link below and watch how easy and how many things you can do with this machine. And the best part is the price! They are very affordable.


And for those willing to see more in-depth about the technology behind this printer, click the link below.


Don’t think anymore and get yours!!!!!

Cheers - Gaston


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