The Festool Bird...

Nov 03 2015 0 Comments

This bird mating display is crazy!!


To woo females, male Lyrebirds sing songs. The problem however is competition! If another nearby Lyrebird has a more complicated song, the female will fly there first. So to even their chances, lyrebirds essentially "pirate" the songs around them, reproducing them perfectly.

But when they live close to a human environment, this piracy can have unintended effects, and because the Lyrebird doesn't know what is a song and what isn't, they'll mimic whatever they hear.

If you click on the photo of the bird above, you'll hear a Lyrebird that has been exposed to a human construction site — and it is amazing!. You can hear what sounds like a Saw cutting steel studs, the unmistakable whine of a power driver, boards being dropped, a hammer tapping wood studs into place, and even a construction worker's voice and laugh!

Enjoy - cheers, Gaston

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