The 20 Best Man Caves...!

Nov 05 2015 1 Comment

Every bloke wants a Man Cave right? Be it to watch sport in peace, listen to music louder than what you're normally allowed to, play games with your mates, or to just have somewhere to build stuff. Man Caves are where this can all be done. 

Below we've attached 20 of the coolest Man Caves we could find on the internet. But we're not all professional sports people, or mega rich, so here's our take on how you can put your own little piece of paradise together, and on a bit more of a realistic budget.

First, you have to design a theme. What do you want your "cave" to look like? What's the look you're after? Then you have to set up the optimum TV viewing area - somewhere central to everything else and of course, a space to mount the massive screen on the wall!

After that you have to go out and hunt down the most comfortable seating you can find - and don't forget you get the best seat, but your mates will still need somewhere to sit as well.

The next very important step is to build a bar area and stock the fridge! And then you add your personal touches - whatever YOU want, because remember, it's your room!

And finally, chill out. Move in, sit back, put the footy on, crack a beer, and relax...

Here's 10 things every Man Cave should have:

1. A very big Man Cave entry sign.

2. Coat Hangers for your mates to leave their jackets.

3. A bar and bar stools.

4. A beer fridge.

5. A book shelf (it's up to you if you actually stack books on it of course).

6. Personal memorabilia (sports, cool prints, retro signs, etc).

7. Comfortable seating.

8. Large TV screen (at least 55" or bigger).

9. Dart Board and/or if room, pool table.

10. Wall mounted bottle opener.

And here's a few websites for you to check out more about Man Caves...

And watch out - The 10 Best Man Sheds... coming soon.

Cheers - Piranha Tools

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  • I really like all the pictures of man caves, and are my favorite mancave website sites.

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